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Anterior Hip Surgery (Direct Anterior and Direct Lateral)

Dr. Steven F. Harwin is a world-class orthopedist specializing in total hip replacement. Dr. Harwin utilizes minimally invasive surgery techniques and procedures such as the direct anterior approach and the direct anterior-lateral approach.

Hip Replacement Surgery for Arthritis

Hip replacement surgery may be the best option for patients with advanced arthritis that has severely limited the range of motion of the hip joint. The hip joint bears the weight of the entire body and is instrumental in activities as commonplace as standing, walking or even sitting up in bed, so this can affect every facet of daily life for the patient.

The hip joint is made up of two main parts: the femoral head and the acetabulum. The femoral head sits at the end of the femur, or thighbone, while the acetabulum is the socket in the hipbone into which the femoral head fits to form the hip joint. During hip replacement surgery, the damaged femoral head is removed and replaced with an artificial metal or ceramic ball, while the acetabulum is fitted with a metal or ceramic cup. These two implants work in conjunction to replicate the original hip joint in form and function.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

Beginning with improvements to surgical instruments, technology and techniques in the 1980s, nearly every type of surgery has benefitted from advancements in minimally invasive surgery. The average size of incisions has been drastically reduced by minimally invasive techniques, and specialized equipment and techniques have allowed surgeons to limit damage to surrounding areas during joint replacement surgery, as evidenced in the direct anterior approach to hip replacement.

Direct Anterior and Direct Anterior-Lateral for Hip Replacement

The direct anterior approach and the direct anterior-lateral are a minimally invasive surgical techniques that minimizes the impact of surgery on the areas surrounding the hip joint. During an anterior hip replacement procedure, the hip joint is accessed through a small incision on the front or side of the patient, directly adjacent the joint itself. Traditional hip replacement procedures require a 12-inch incision that is usually made on the back of the patient. The anterior approach allows surgeons to isolate the area around the joint and reduce the overall impact of the procedure. Dr. Harwin will talk with you about whether you are a candidate for this type of approach.

Benefits of Anterior Hip replacement

  • Smaller incision
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less disturbance of muscles and tendons
  • Quicker rehabilitation
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced risk of dislocation

New York’s Trusted Choice for Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Board certified orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steven F. Harwin has earned the titles of “New York Super Doctor,” “Top Doctor in the New York Metro Area” and “Best Doctor in America” through his lifelong dedication to excellence in orthopaedic surgery. Find out more about Dr. Harwin and how to make an appointment at his New York City office.

By Dr. Steven Harwin