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Asian Knee Replacement

Knee osteoarthritis is prevalent among elderly Asian American patients, including the large Chinese American and Korean American populations of New York City. Osteoarthritis causes debilitating pain and stiffness in the knee joint, making any movement of the joint uncomfortable and difficult. Common activities, such as kneeling, or sitting on the floor formally, require extensive joint flexion, which most total knee replacement prosthetics cannot provide. The majority of total knee replacement solutions alleviate pain sufficiently; however, the range of motion provided is not as extensive as may be necessary for some patients. Dr. Harwin helped design and uses the Triathlon total knee replacement that can provide over 150 degrees of flexion.

Knee Replacement for Asian American Patients

Dr. Harwin, founder of the Center for Reconstructive Joint Surgery, has extensive experience caring for Asian American patients in the New York City community who require more flexibility from their knees. Dr. Harwin takes personal interest in every patient, and strives to provide an orthopaedic solution that works for the patient’s unique needs. For a consultation regarding knee replacement solutions, schedule an appointment Dr. Harwin’s Upper East Side office.

Treating Knee Pain in Asian American Patients

Many patients of Asian descent come from cultures where sitting upright on the floor is common in many situations, including dining and formal events. For these men and women, including Chinese and Korean Americans, formal kneeling requires greater flexion than that of patients not accustomed to these motions. Additionally, Buddhist patients engaging in frequent sitting meditations require increased range of motion and flexion for the knees as well. Because of these considerations, Asian American patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis need to make sure the operating orthopaedic surgeon is able to account for the requisite range of motion and flexion. Dr. Harwin uses the Triathlon knee replacement which will allow that amount of motion.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is performed most often to alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis; however, traumatic injuries damaging the knee joint can also necessitate a replacement joint. During a knee replacement procedure, the damaged or diseased knee joint is removed, and a prosthetic is put in place. This prosthetic is made to function like the natural knee joint, and alleviates the pain and stiffness associated with knee damage. The patient can once again move the knee through its range of motion without feeling pain and return to previous levels of activity.

"The Best" Care in New York City

Dr. Harwin has been named one of the Best Doctors in America, a Top Surgeon in America, a Best Doctor in the NY Metro Area, as well as a New York Super Doctor. Dr. Harwin helps create and invent solutions for musculoskeletal problems by designing orthopaedic devices, providing innovative solutions for patients with unique needs. Dr. Harwin has treated countless patients with specific knee replacement needs, making him a trusted choice in the New York City area. You don’t have to live with knee pain; contact Dr. Harwin’s office today.

By Dr. Steven Harwin