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Labral Repair Surgery

A labral tear is one of the most common sports injuries, occurring in everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors. The shoulder joint can often present problems when trauma occurs in the area, as it tends to heal poorly on its own. Surgical intervention is often required to reduce pain and inflammation as well as correct range of motion problems.

Labral Repair Surgery

Athletes performing repetitive motions are at the highest risk. Pitching a baseball or serving a tennis ball can place stress on the labral cartilage and cause a tear over time. Falling forward onto an outstretched arm while running or biking can cause trauma directly to the shoulder joint and may result in a labral tear, as will exerting too much sudden force while weightlifting or lifting heavy items.

Symptoms of a labral tear may include pain and tenderness in the affected shoulder at night, pain when doing simple daily activities involving lifting the arm or reaching overhead, limited range of motion, weakness in the affected shoulder or a sensation of locking, popping, or grinding in the shoulder joint.

Treatment options may include arthroscopic surgery or making a small incision on the front of the shoulder, depending on the placement and severity of the tear.

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Please note that Dr. Harwin’s practice, The Center for Reconstructive Joint Surgery, is now exclusively focused on hip and knee replacement surgery. He recommends his associate, Dr. Robert Ziets, as your sports medicine physician.