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Satisfied Patients

Our Finest Endorsement

At The Center for Reconstructive Joint Surgery, we are committed to providing the best experience in joint replacement and reconstruction of the hip and knee. For sports medicine and arthroscopic procedures, Dr. Harwin will recommend his associate, a surgeon who performs minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures.

You may want to hear what some of our past and current patients have to say. For this reason, we maintain a roster of patients who volunteered to talk about their experience. If you would like to speak to one of them, please let us know.

Your joint pain is our joint problem! Your joint pain is our joint problem — We can solve it together!

Hip Replacement Patient

Hip Replacement Patient

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Patient

Bilateral Total Hip Replacement Patient

Patient playing competitive hockey after bilateral total hip replacements.

Dear Dr. Harwin

I wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for giving me back my life as I used to know it.

After many years of pain and stiffness throughout pretty much my whole body, I was finally diagnosed with severe arthritis in my-right hip. I had so many opinions about my hip and tried so many different treatments and yet nothing ever seemed to relieve the pain and stiffness until of course I met you.

I had spoken with a number of the finest surgeons in New York City trying to decide on who was going to do my hip. As soon as I walked into your office I immediately had the feeling I was in the right office.

Your staff was as helpful and professional as anyone could ever ask for, making the process as simple and carefree as possible.

As soon as we shook hands, I knew you were going to be my surgeon. I appreciated your quick diagnosis and confidence I would be back on my feet and enjoying all the physical activity I had always enjoyed. You were right.

I had my surgery on February 23rd and started playing golf again on Memorial Day weekend. I have continued my exercises all summer and have added running to my workouts. The hip feels great and has been able to handle anything I've asked of it.

I just turned 58 years old a few weeks ago, and have to admit I felt a lot older than that before the surgery. I can say I'm officially back. I was convinced when after a few minutes on my 21-year-old son's skateboard recently ... my son said, "Dad, that's pretty tight".

Doc, I would have to say, the only downside to this surgery if there is one is ... I no longer have a legitimate excuse for my golf game. I'm OK with that though.

Thank you so much for helping me regain my life. I am now enjoying trying to wear the new hip out.


Dear Dr. Steven F. Harwin,
I want to express how happy I am that you exist! You may not understand the passion that is in this letter, but I am sincerely grateful! You have given me my life back. I never skied or ran marathons; but I did however love to wear heels and my biggest weakness was dancing. January 24, 2010 was the worst day of my life; it was the beginning of a series of unhappy events. I live on Long Island and at age 22 I didn't know how to drive and I was afraid of doing so. So I walked everywhere, I purposely went to school in the city; I found a jon in Nassau that was LIRR and MTA bus accessible. Going to school and walking to work became a chore. I've worn heels since I was in 6th grade but wearing heels became a torture, so Uggs and flats became by new friends. I would go out on Friday, Saturday, every chance I got to dance, I never drank a drop. All I needed was the dance floor and music to be free until I realized my knees no longer felt the same way I did. I had to quit my job because I could no longer perform as I used to, I also had to cancel my gym membership because along with my knees, I have herniated disks in my back, bulges in my neck, and severe tendonitis in both shoulders. It became clear I was more in pain than anything. I started gaining weight from not being able to exercise, walk, go up and down stairs, etc… I decided to google the best surgeon New York had to offer, and then your name came up. I did all my homework, I read where you went to school, how many years you practiced medicine, if you had any malpractice issues, how many success stories, etc… I couldn't find one logical answer to say no and I decided I had NO QUALITY OF LIFE as it was.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you and your future patients that it is inevitable why they say you are "top doctor of New York." Thank you for giving me my life back! I can swim again, I can walk, soon I am sure I will be able to join the gym again, I hope to be wearing my heels soon, and lastly but not least the first dance I will have will be in your name! The great news is since the surgery I've been losing weight and my knees are no longer barometers. I owe it all to YOU. So thank you and may God keep blessing you, I know I'm not the only patient you've had that can say the same,
With all my love and gratitude,

Dear Dr. Harwin & Staff,
I sincerely appreciate you for the compassion and genuine care you ALL have shown. It is so very much remembered. I am happy I can walk without pain.
Thank You,

Dear Dr. Harwin,
There are Dr's and there are Dr's, you sir are a DOCTOR of the highest order.

I took my MRI to 3 different doctors expecting to get the same analysis.

The 1st doctor recommended a knee replacement. The 2nd doctor did not do knee replacements. He recommended continue with pain management shots until the pain became too severe and then replace the knee. You were the ONLY doctor that recommended arthroscopic surgery to solve the problem. You could have easily recommended a knee replacement but you followed your Hippocratic Oath.

Needless to say, everything went better than I expected and I cannot thank you enough.

Greatful Hockey Patient

Dr. Harwin, I just wanted to thank you for getting me back on the ice to teach within four months. I am looking forward to playing again shortly as I am finally pain free and have full range of motion. I can't remember the last time I was this flexible.
Thank You,


I feel so blessed to have had Dr. Steven Harwin as my doctor. I received a total knee replacement of my right knee in January of 2008. In November of 2008 I had a total knee replacement of my left knee. Before my replacements I was unable to walk more than a block. Today I am able to walk great and without any pain. Thank You Dr. Harwin.


Angel Marquez

My name is Angel Marquez. I was a great handball player before my hip started to go bad, but thanks to my new hip replacements by Dr. Steven Harwin, I'm back on the courts playing the game that I love. One year after my first hip replacement, I was able to win the 50-plus National Doubles Championships. I had a story written about me in the New York Times. I am living again thanks to my hip replacements. Thank you Dr. Steve Harwin.


There are people whose gifts and compassion are like the sunlight streaming through an open window. Kindness, sensitivity and generosity are reflections of God's love.

After my hip surgery consultation with the team of physicians, I knew I was going to be in very good hands. The staff was very compassionate and understanding of my situation and acted in a very professional and caring manner. The surgery was a success! The dedication of my surgeon, Dr. Steven F. Harwin, and his team were remarkable! I could not have asked for more compassionate care. A special thank you. I must say, without a doubt, that Mount Sinai Beth Israel has some of the best physicians and the latest medical technology — a hospital I would gladly recommend.

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mount Sinai Beth Israel and its entire staff for the success of my surgery and for providing me with exceptional treatment and outstanding care. It means a lot to have doctors who are gifted and caring at best...and words cannot possibly express how much you are appreciated for a job well done. I wish you all continued success in all your present and future endeavors.

Your grateful patient,

I could not walk without pain in both knees. I was recommended to Dr. Steven Harwin and his team and staff. God bless, he gave me a whole new life to be able to walk without pain. Since 1999, when my left knee was done and 2001 when my right knee was done, I am a new person and I can enjoy my grandchildren and life. I even got taller!


Dr. Harwin,

You did arthroscopic surgery on my left knee and it feels magnificent. My knee feels better than before. God bless you.


Dr. Harwin did a revision of my hip replacement in 2004. I am currently living in Chicago, and at the present time I can report total satisfaction with the results of the surgery. In fact, I am now able to do things (such as hiking) that I could not do for almost 25 years prior to the surgery including after my initial hip replacement in 1986. For this I am grateful.


Dear Dr. Harwin,

It has been seven years since my hip replacement. My life is much different because of it. I now go to the gym three or four days a week, using machines and lifting weights. I also love doing yoga. I must admit, at times, I forget that my hip has been replaced and people who see me in action do not always believe me. I cannot tell you how many times I had to actually show proofs. On July 10, 2011, I was on American Health Front with my physical therapists showing just how great I am doing.

Thanks to you, I not only feel great but I never looked as good as I do now, and never would have joined a gym.

With Great Respect, A.P.

An open letter to anyone in need of a hip replacement:

Two years ago I visited my family doctor because I was having pain in my right leg. I was shocked to learn that i had severe arthritis and almost no cartilage left. This was devastating, I am extremely active and not even 50!

I visited several surgeons at several of the country's top hospitals. The experience was very upsetting. The message I got was that I would have to undergo a very painful surgery and recovery. Afterwards, I would have to severely alter my lifestyle. I chose to endure the pain.

18 months later I couldn't take it any longer so I resigned myself to scheduling the surgery. After meeting with the surgeon again, I was still uneasy so I chose to meet with another of their top doctors. I was still uncomfortable but scheduled the surgery.

The hospital had a daily scheduled 'hip class' which I was encouraged to attend. When I got there, I was surprised to see more than 30 people in the room. The trainers were efficient and pleasant enough, but the class had the vague feeling of an army induction center or a dmv seminar. I was not feeling good about this.

My gut was telling me that I had not found the right doctor. I was sure that these were excellent surgeons, but I didn't feel like they were right for me. After much angst, I decided to try looking further and I arrived at Dr. Harwin.

The world changed from the first meeting. Dr. Harwin listened to me! He was sympathetic and offered hope for an active future. His assurance that "you will be able to do everything you can do today" Was music to my ears. I was much more comfortable after our first meeting than I was with the other doctors.

Dr. Harwin's team and the staff at Beth Israel were amazing. The 'hip class' at Beth Israel was more like having coffee with new friends rather than learning about preparing for battle. The facilities were wonderful and everyone really showed how deeply they cared about getting me through this difficult time. I never felt like a number.

The actual surgery was exactly as Dr. Harwin and his team had prepared me for. They even went the extra mile to calm my last minute nerves. The hospital was wonderful – more like a hotel then a hospital. I had surgery on Tuesday afternoon, and i was saying goodbye to the staff on Thursday morning!

I was walking without crutches in a couple days and i'm happy to say that i am very much on my way to realizing Dr. Harwin's promise of doing everything i was able to do before – but without the pain.

This has been my experience. My gut told me to keep looking and I was lucky enough to find Dr. Harwin. The gut was absolutely right.